Are We Cynics?: DVD Bonus

Levitt and Dubner explain how they're not cynics, and that the first step towards good thinking is to get rid of wishful thinking.EconomicsVideo

20/20 Freakonomics Segment Preview: Good Morning America

Stephen Dubner talks about the book Freakonomics, what young straight-A black students share with celebrities and how beauty pageant winners are like crack dealers.EconomicsVideo

America's Penny Dilemma: 60 Minutes

The country's love affair with the penny is hard to shake, but inflation has rendered the penny nearly valueless. Stephen Dubner asks: what good is a coin that buys nothing?EconomicsVideo

Best Intentions Gone Astray: Good Morning America

Gym membership and gift cards - they reflect some good intentions, but does it really push us in the right direction?EconomicsVideo

Are We Biased?: DVD Bonus

Rather than taking sides, the Freakonomics guys take a different approach.EconomicsVideo

What countries want from their diasporas

Not so long ago, countries mostly ignored their diasporas. But, rather like alumni relations offices, diaspora ministries and departments are now popping up around the world. When Ireland was struggling in 2009, it convened an expat conference aimed...EconomicsVideo

Videographic: What would happen if California was split up?

California cleaving, an animated infographic. Splitting up the golden state isn't easy. For more video content from The Economist visit our website:

Do we live in a multiverse?

It has long been thought that our universe is all there is, but it is possible we may live in just one of many. This is the second in our six-part series on unsolved mysteries in science. Read the accompanying article:

Flexible, stretchable electronics

Flexible, stretchable electronics Computing devices do not have to be rigid and flat, but could be delightfully twisty, says John Rogers, professor of material science Subscribe NOW to The Economist: Get more The Economist...EconomicsVideo

Economist "Did you know?"

This 'Did You Know video?' video from The Economist focuses on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology Subscribe NOW to The Economist: Get more The Economist Follow us: